Tanabata Festival 2015

The 65th Shonan Hiratsuka Tanabata Festival will be held from Friday to Sunday this week. By the way, "haunted house" is set up this year as well. After seeing the fake haunted house, how about a plan to visit the real Haunted Mansion "Labyrinth"! ? (smile) Please note that our shop is closed on Sundays, so please come on Friday or Saturday night. (^_-) ... Read more »


Last week, the melon I received from the customer was ripe. We plan to serve this melon to customers who come to Labyrinth this weekend on Friday and Saturday. The weather on weekends does not seem to be good, but we look forward to your visit. (* ^ O ^ *) ... Read more »

Repair of pink rotor and electric machine

We repaired a pink rotor and electric massager that were damaged by a drunk customer. Previously, the variable resistor and light emitting diode (LED) of the pink rotor were broken, so I measured the electrical resistance, purchased compatible parts online, and replaced them. When I was in high school, I majored in electrical engineering (in college, I majored in information processing), so I can at least do some soldering. (^_^;) ★ Pink rotor repair image ★ Electric massager repair images *Added on July 25th At a later date, I glued the separated main body and head together using silicone glue that I bought at a hardware store. Read more »

Duck's birthday party

昨日は、恒例のSさんのお誕生日会に優菜ちゃんと出席しました。 一次会は、お食事と外れ無しのビンゴ大会が催され、一番の商品は50インチのPanasonicの液晶TVでした。 二次会は、昨年と同様、ラビリンスでカラオケ大会が実施されました。 上の右側の写真は、Sさん(アヒルさん)の抜け殻です。 😁 ... Read more »

Replacing security cameras

The store's security camera was broken, so we replaced it last night before the typhoon hit. 👷 A broken camera is installed outside. This is a camera that automatically emits infrared light when it gets dark and can take monochrome pictures. When I checked "Camera 02" in the monitor shown in the photo below, it was photographed during the day, but it was no longer photographed at night. Since the camera seems to be emitting infrared rays, it seems that the IR receiver is malfunctioning. The camera I bought to replace it is a Chinese-made CCD camera with the following specifications. Product name: ... Read more »

potato salad

今日のお店のお通しは、ポテトサラダです。 * 材料 – ポテト、玉ねぎ、人参、レタス、リンゴ、レーズン * 調味料 – マヨネーズ、オリーブオイル、酢、コンソメ、砂糖、塩、胡椒、味の素 ... Read more »