Replacing security cameras

update Last updated: August 17, 2020 at 1:57 PM

The security camera in the shop broke, so last night we did the camera replacement work before the typhoon came. 👷
The broken camera is installed outdoors. This is a camera that automatically emits infrared light when it gets dark, and can perform monochrome photography.
When I checked "Camera 02" on the monitor shown in the photo below, it was shot in the daytime but not at night. Since the camera's infrared light is being radiated, it seems that the IR receiver has failed.

The camera I bought for the replacement is a CCD camera made in China with the following specifications.

  • Product name: CCD Security Camera (Waterproof + Infrared 6mm Lens)
  • Image element: 1/4 inch SHARP CCD
  • Horizontal resolution: 420TVLine (NTSC)
  • Lens: 6mm
  • White balance function: Yes (automatic)
  • Gain control function: Yes (automatic)
  • Image output: 75Ω / 1.0Vp-p
  • Power supply: DC 12V
  • LED: 36
  • Effective distance: IR irradiation distance 30M
  • Automatic electronic shutter: 1/50 to 1 / 100,000 seconds

At least it may be a relief that the image element is made in Japan.
This item was sold at Yahoo auction for ¥ 2,080.
If this product is made in Japan, it will cost more than 20,000 yen. (..;)

By the way, our shop has a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) from AVTECH made in Taiwan.
Unfortunately, Chinese products are of poor quality and usually break within one year.
This DVR supports the network function (Web server), and it is also possible to operate the DVR from the outside.

The DVR (silver equipment in the photo below) of the shop automatically registers the global IP address acquired from the optical modem to the DNS server on the PC and releases the port 80 of the router.
Therefore, even if the IP address changes, you can access the WWW from outside the LAN.

The camera replacement work was successfully completed as follows. (^ _ ^) /

The photo below shows a high-performance security camera system that I installed last year in my apartment. (Use the existing Elmo VP power supply and camera)

For a DVR in this class, it costs about 300,000 yen if it is made in Japan.
Since I selected an overseas product (probably made in Taiwan), it fits in about 30,000 yen (excluding HDD).
Instead, I don't have a manual yet, so I volunteered to write one. Orz
This DVR is an 8ch model "SecuOn YR068" that can record with the same compression standard "H.264" as Blu-ray.

Most modern DVRs can be operated with a mouse and are compatible with networks. However, although we proposed, we have not introduced the network function in this condominium so far.
This DVR has built-in 8TB (4TB x 2units) built-in HDD (SATA), so if you have HD image quality (1280 x 720), you can record continuously for about 2 months.

The following is a part of the CDR for delivery submitted to the condominium management association.

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