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It is a continuation of the introduction of yesterday's diamond. After all, diamonds are expensive, so today I'm going to introduce gems that I can use instead. The following is an excerpt from my collection. (1) White sapphire Shine is inferior to diamond, but the Mohs hardness is quite hard with 9, so it is often used for rings. (2) Goschenite It is a gem of the same Beryl system as emerald. It is very beautiful, but the Mohs hardness is soft with 6, so it may be difficult to make it into a ring. (3) Colorless Topaz Mohs hardness is 8, and it is the hardest stone after corundum (sapphire, ruby). Because it is comparatively beautiful, I think that it can be used for the ring. (4) Zirconia Natural stone is called zircon. Because it is a sober stone, it is not used for jewelry very much. However, cubic zirconia, a synthetic stone made by refining zirconium, the main component of this stone, is often used as a substitute stone for diamonds because its brilliance is similar to diamond properties. The Mohs hardness is from 8 to 8.5.

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