Introducing myBridge, a simple and convenient business card management app

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Introducing myBridge, a simple and convenient free app that allows you to accurately convert all business card information into data and save it to your device or Google contacts by simply taking a photo of the important business card you received from your customer with your smartphone.
Business card information captured with the app is accurately converted into data using character recognition technology and manual labor.
The saved data can be used to centrally manage business cards within the company in a shared business card book, and you can easily search for business card information anytime and anywhere using keywords such as name, company name, department, position, etc.
You can also save the registered business card information to your smartphone or Google contact book, or download it as an Excel file.

The features of myBridge are as follows.

[Start business card management for free]
■There is no upper limit to the number of business cards that can be registered in the personal business card book!
■Convenient sharing function that allows you to share business cards with your team
■You can also create notes for each business card and download them as Excel files.

[Accurately convert business cards into data by simply taking a photo with a smartphone]
■No need to enter business card information yourself!
■Character recognition and accurate data conversion by hand!
■Easily search by keyword, such as name, company, department, position, etc.!

[Online business card that can be given to anyone with just a URL]
■Once you register your business card, your online business card will be automatically issued!
■If you send the URL of your online business card, you can check and save it without registering as a member or using an app!
■Please use it for online "nice to meet you" events such as web conferences!

[“Shared business card book” that allows you to share business cards with company members*]
■Share your registered business cards with members of your company and manage them together!
■You can choose the members to share each shared business card book.
■Memo function realizes simple data management and productivity improvement
*Choose from 3 products (Basic, Premium, Premium Plus) including paid products. Basic plan is available for free (up to 100 business cards)

[Cooperation with other contact book services, bulk download]
■You can save registered business card information to your smartphone or Google contact book!
■Batch download as an Excel file!

[“Expert Plaza” where you can meet experts in each field]
■Search for experts by field, skill, etc.!
■You might find your future business partner or talented people you want to work with!

[Other useful functions]
■Easily share business cards via LINE or email!
■Linked members will be automatically updated with the latest business card information!
■PC version also available!

[Security measures according to international standards (ISO)]
■When inputting manually, you do not know who uploaded the data.
■All business card information is divided into items so that individuals cannot be identified.
■ Obtained certification of compliance with international standards ISO27001 and ISO27701
■Real-time monitoring underway 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
■Highly private personal information such as business card images is encrypted and stored safely.
■All data communication is encrypted using TLS protocol v1.2​
■Use of AWS (Amazon Web Service) data center with high reliability and security level

Installing myBridge

myBridge app is available for iOS and Android.
Each can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. There is also a download link on the official website below.

The gallery below is an example of myBridge installed on Android. In this example, we will register as a member using an email address.

business card scan

The gallery below shows an example of scanning a popcorn horizontal business card and registering the business card information in your personal business card book.

myBridge website

myBridge ismyBridge official website You can also access your business card data from your PC by logging in from .

myBridge online business card exchange

myBridge supports online business card exchange functionality on its website and app.
The featured image posted is on the website, and the gallery below is a screen shot when exchanging business cards online using the app.

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