I uninstalled McAfee and installed ESET Internet Security, but I got a problem that outlook mail could not be opened [memorandum until resolution]

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The DELL laptop I'm currently using had McAfee security software installed, but when it expired, I decided to replace it with another security software.

Up to now, I have used various security software such as Norton and Virus Buster, but I feel that all of them work heavy.
In particular, in the era of Windows XP, McAfee had troubles where the PC would not start due to a bug in the McAfee update program (a virus update containing a bug released on April 11, 2011). I don't have a good impression of

In November 2012, founder John McAfee was wanted by belize police on suspicion of murder, and personally, the black image has not yet been wiped.
However, when I purchased a DELL computer, McAfee was pre-installed as standard, so I had no choice but to use it until now.

The following table isComparison of Security Software 2021 Quotes from the article.

After all, if you value performance and lightness of operation, ESET, if you value high detection rate, Kaspersky *Note I think it would be better to choose.
So, this time I graduated from McAfee and decided to switch to ESET.

Now, I will explain the history of the trouble of the title.
If you want to replace the security software, you must first uninstall the previous security software and then install the new security software.
Despite following the steps properly, I had trouble opening Outlook emails.

今回は、「ESETインターネットセキュリティ」を Windows 10 のノートパソコン(Vostro 15 3558 >> CPU: Intel Core i5-5200U / MEM:8GB / OS:Windows10 64bit Home)へ以下の手順でインストールしました。

1. Uninstall the following McAfee programs

  • McAfee Internet Security
  • McAfee Web Advisor

2. Install ESET Internet Security

3. Windows Security – Enable ESET in Virus & Threat Protection (screen below)

4. Check ESET Internet Security and Mailer (Outlook) settings

2022.07.09 Update
* Note In the wake of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Western countries are moving in the direction of eliminating Russian-made Kaspersky. Already in April 2022, the NTT Group decided to stop trading products of Kaspersky Lab, a major Russian information security company, on the grounds that they pose "security and supply chain risks."
This is just my personal impression, but I think Kaspersky's high virus detection rate is due to the self-made act of spreading viruses around the world and exterminating them by themselves. I have a suspicion that I think Russia can do it...

Outlook has fours!

The Outlook version is "Microsoft® Outlook® for Microsoft 365" that comes with Office 365, but after checking the Outlook settings, when I tried to open the email, instead of opening the email, Outlook crashed. became.
Start Outlook again and you will be prompted to start in safe mode.

So, when I checked Outlook's bug information, I found information that ``On the morning of May 12, 2021, there was a worldwide problem that the text of emails was not displayed'', so for the time being, Outlook is as follows From the menu, select File ⇒ Office Account ⇒ Update Office ⇒ Update Now to try to update the Outlook program.

However, Outlook was the latest version, so it doesn't seem to be a version issue.

Next, from the Outlook menu, select Help ⇒ Support Tools ⇒ Outlook and attempt a repair from the Microsoft Support/Recovery Assistant as shown below.

After processing, the recovery assistant suggested steps to resolve it. It was "If you create a new profile, it may be solved".
Therefore, from the Outlook menu, select File ⇒ Account Settings ⇒ Manage Profiles, add a profile, and set the mail server.
However, when I updated the folder after setting it up, I said, "The operation I tried to perform failed. I couldn't find the object", and the profile was disabled.

I thought that the PST file in my inbox might have been damaged, so I ran the inbox repair tool "SCANPST" shown in the article below.

Unfortunately, the result was NG. It seems that PST file corruption is not the cause.
Therefore, we will implement the last resort described in the following chapters.

Microsoft Office 365 Repair

Although the Outlook program is the latest version, it is still possible that some of the system files are damaged, so I tried to repair it by online repair of Microsoft Office 365 as shown in the screen above.
From Windows 10 Settings, select Apps & Features ⇒ Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise ⇒ Uninstall ⇒ Online Repair.

As a precaution, ESET protection will be suspended during processing, as shown in the screen below.

After the Office 365 online repair process is finished, restart ESET protection.

AndAfter starting Outlook and checking the operation, it now works normally!

As you can see later, mcafee uninstalling seems to be completely uninstallable unless you stop all service programs from task manager and uninstall them.
I don't think this is anything other than harassing users.

For your safety, we have completely removed the remnants of McAfee's program using MCPR.exe, a tool that completely removes McAfee personal products if they cannot be uninstalled successfully, as shown in the following linked article.

About ESET

ESET Founded on January 1, 1992, is a Slovak software company that develops and sells computers and Internet security-related products.
As mentioned above, ESET is a well-known security software with the second highest evaluation by a third-party evaluation organization after Kaspersky. In particular, it is characterized by its light operation, and has been highly evaluated for its detection rate, which is second only to Kaspersky.

As for the product, if you choose the 3rd version, it will be 2,460 yen per year, so you can purchase it at a very affordable price. Canon IT Solutions is a distributor in Japan.
For the time being, I think that it is good to install the trial version and purchase it if you like it.

As a point of caution, the mailers supported by ESET Internet Security are as follows, and they seem to be incompatible with Thunderbird. Also, it is not compatible with iOS.

【Supported mail software】

  • Microsoft Outlook 2000 / 2002 / 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2013 / 2016 / 2019
  • Microsoft Outlook Express
  • Windows Mail v6.0
  • Windows Live Mail 2009 / 2011 / 2012

ESET Internet Security Settings

This time, I will briefly explain the overview of the installed ESET Internet Security settings.

Below are screenshots of ESET Email Client Protection settings and ESET Antispam Protection settings.
If the email you receive contains a virus, it will be moved from the mailer's inbox to the Detected Items folder. In addition, when receiving junk mail, it was set to go to the folder of "ESET AntiSPAM".
By default, junk e-mails are moved to Outlook's "Junk E-mail" folder.

Below is a screenshot of Outlook's junk e-mail processing level setting screen. From the Outlook menu, select Junk E-mail ⇒ Junk E-mail Options.
If you have ESET installed, set it to "low" or lower, as Outlook's spam processing set to high tends to mark non-spam as spam. I think it's good.

Inspection by ESET

Below are computer scans and quarantine objects. Quarantine objects can be viewed by selecting Tools ⇒ More Tools ⇒ Quarantine from the ESET menu.
As a feeling, it seems that the detection rate of viruses is higher than McAfee.

Below is a screenshot of rechecking messages from the ESET menu added to Outlook.
You can recheck folders that have already been received. Her ESET detected a virus that McAfee failed to detect.

Below is an example of a message filtered to Outlook's Spam and ESET AntiSPAM (Spam) folders.

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