The gas alarm of the apartment house is exchanged by oneself to AiPhone (city gas CO)!? (↓ falling

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The alarm (management union burden) which sticks to the wall of the corridor of the common part of the home apartment house took the opportunity to go mad (suddenly alarm sound sounds sound and fail) in the intense heat of every day, I replaced the gas alarm (division owner burden) in the room which is obligated to exchange every five years by myself.

The gas alarm installed in the room is "manufactured by The New Cosmos Electric Machine", and it is the type that detects CO generated by city gas and incomplete combustion.
From the management company of the apartment, but had been urged many times to replace the gas alarm that has expired use for a long time, when purchased via the management company, so it seems to be the actual cost liquidation of 12,400 yen, in that i'll finish a little more cheaper, I looked for a model with equal or more functions from Yafuoku.

As a result, I found a new used product made by AiPhone, and won it for 5,742 yen including postage.

Other gas alarms such as Panasonic and New Cosmos Electric were also exhibited, but functionally, it seemed to be the same, so we purchased the cheapest AiPHONE gas alarm (AXW-815G).

In the case of the 4-terminal type of the most common gas alarm s/ power terminal 2 and alarm terminal 2, it seems to be compatible with a general mounting base Panasonic SH5900.
The removal of the existing gas alarm head can only be turned counterclockwise and pulled out, and anyone can be replaced with simple tasks (but considering the ±polarity of the DC terminal during installation).
Therefore, even if you do not ask the trader to pay a high money, I think that you can save money if you replace it yourself. 6,658 yen of the difference floated is likely to turn into a holiday liquor fee (Lol)

In addition, it is a caution, according to the instruction manual included,The expiration date of the alarm is five years from the date of manufacture, not from the installation date.However, since it is recommended from the date of purchase by the Japan Gas Equipment Inspection Association, which has jurisdiction over city gas, it is necessary to confirm the production date (on the production number seal affixed to the side of the original box and the main body) when purchasing second-hand goods and new products.
Incidentally, this unit is described as "16,09-039410" in the production number seal,It's already been nearly three years since the production.🍷 ← This is a fall🍷

In the instruction manual, the green (power supply) light flashes slowly after more than half a year, and when you press the alarm stop switch for about three seconds, "Pitupitu has expired. Please contact the dealer" there is a description that the voice guidance will flow.
There was no such function in the model installed before, including Panasonic, the recently sold gas alarm seems to have an expired alarm function built in.

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