Web translation is a mess (Matter on incoherent Web translation)

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Initially, in order to make this site bilingual, in addition to Japanese, but i had to paste the English text, because it became more and more troublesome, one of the plug-ins of WordPress, "Transposh "https://transposh.org" I left the translation to the widget. However, it seems to have been an easy idea.
To try, if you select English from the list BOX of "select language", google translation (default) will display as follows.

Initially , in order to this site to bilingual , in addition to Japanese , English sentences also had to make paste , but it became so increasingly cumbersome , one of the WordPress plug -ins , “Transposh (http : the widget //transposh.org) ” I leave the translation. However , it seems it was a simplistic idea .
Try it in , but if you select the English from the list BOX of “select language”, by google translate (default) it will be displayed as follows .

Somehow the translation content does not make sense...
Apparently, complicated Japanese translation is difficult. (The following is a correction)
But if you don't write difficult Japanese, you will be translated in its own way. The second half of the sentence quotes as it is.

Though I was also pasting English text in addition to Japanese to adapt for bilingual for this site at first, I left the Widget of “Transposh”(https://transposh.org) that is one of plug-in for WordPress to translate because of becoming troublesome increasingly.
But, it seemed it was a simplistic idea.
Try it in, but if you select the English from the list BOX of “select language”, by google translate (default) it will be displayed as follows.

For your information, I'll give you other translation examples.

Web translation is a mess

×Matter Web translation insanely (google翻訳)
×From a messed up Web translation (bing翻訳)
○Matter on incoherent Web translation

Chisato's Portal Site

×Chisato of portal site (google翻訳)
×Journey of a portal site (bing翻訳)
○Senri’s portal site or Portal site of Senri

Rose Whip

×Rose whip (google翻訳)
○Cat O’Nine Tails

An approval-type image bulletin board has been set up!

×I established the image board approval expressions! (google翻訳)
×Established the image Board approved formula! (Bing翻訳)
○An approval-type image bulletin board has been set up!

I tried the effect of the Cat O'Nine Tails of variety goods (lol)

×I tried the effect of rose whip Variety our goodies § w (google翻訳)
○I tried the effect to a Cat O’Nine Tails in our variety goods.

Using this, i wake up a customer who falls asleep in the morning and does not wake up.

×Using this, the place not the audience is asleep morning and Okoshima ~ Suu (Google翻訳)
×Guest not asleep this morning with this KIA this will be! (Bing翻訳)
○I’ll wake up a sleeping guest being not waking up in the morning by using this!

It is a feeling. I think that the more redundancy the Japanese sentence is, the worse the translation accuracy.
In order to improve the accuracy of machine translation, I think it is good to write in simple Japanese as briefly as possible, but then it is likely to be a childish and dry Japanese, and it is a troublesome place.
In any case, since the results of machine translation is incoherent even if you write a blog, in order to be fully bilingual, it seems to take a considerable amount of time to correct the wrong translation results of Transposh. Transposh supports up to 82 types of multi-lingual, even though it's full of English. It's impossible to check all languages no matter how you think about it. (>_<)
It is Transposh, but automatic translation to a fixed page of WordPress is possible, but the php program of the plug-in can not translate the characters output. Therefore, it is necessary to support bilingualism on the program side. Therefore, the plug-in of DMSGuestbook installed for guestbook in this system has been decided to correspond in japanese and English combination.

By the way, transposh such as the blog has not finished the correction of the translation result of the strange English machine translated. I'm slowly fixing it in my spare time. Orz
However, since access to this site from overseas is about 20%, i don't think it is such an important task at this time. Ning, it seems to increase the overhead of the system by supporting multi-lingual, we are currently considering to focus on several languages that support based on google analytics analysis results.

2020.05.05 update
The above article is more than 5 years old, and the accuracy of translations is currently improving both for Google translation and Bing translation.

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