Fixed db for multi-lingual plug-in "Transposh"

update Last updated: May 28, 2020 at 3:16 AM

This site, for the time being, I made a multilingual site.
However, when I switched to a language other than Japanese and English, my name "Chisato" became Chisato, not Senri, in the title notation.
HoweverThe conversion of the TITLE tag of HTML is a specification that cannot be fixed in transposh edit mode.
So, in order to solve this problem, we have to fix transposh DB directly.
Because the structure of the table was unexpectedly easy, i was able to fix it easily.

*For your information, we will show you how to fix it.

(1) You need to back up your DB just in case.

(2) Start phpMyAdmin on the server
From the search menu, search for the title sentence of the source from transhposh translation table "wpxxx_translations". ⇒ wpxxx_translations – Table Search

(3) Select the record you want to correct
Click the Edit button for the record you want to modify ⇒ wpxxx_translations – Table Editing

(4) Correct translation words
Modify the field "translated text" ⇒ wpxxx_translations Table Editing 2-3

(5) DB changes
Click the Run button to change the DB ⇒ wpxxx_translations Table Modified

*April 12
With the end of the service of the free version of google translation engine "Google Translate API v1", Google's translation function has been stopped now.
On Transposh, it is strange that Google Translate was somehow moving so far ...
Therefore, in transposh settings, the translation engine is set to Bing, which supports the Microsoft Translator API.

In fact, i found out in the following FAQ, but the conversion of the title tag was edited at the end of the page.
There seems to be no need to fix the DB forcibly. (m_m) ⇒ "I want to translate title tags (or any other meta tags)"

*August 26
In Transposh Translation Filter version, Google's translation feature has been revived, so the site is currently setting the translation engine to "Google".

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