Meat Potato

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The appetizer of today's shop is "meat potato".

Speaking of meat potatoes, japanese home cooking is a staple as a mother's taste.
I'm not sure when i got to be recognized as the "taste of the mother".

For your information, I'll post my recipe below.

● Ingredients: beef, potatoes, onions, carrots, large slices (pieces), sorataki, shimeji, shiitake and hidaka kelp (broth)
■ Seasonings: Sake (or red wine), mirin, soy sauce, sugar, chicken gara broth
■ How to make:
(1) Stir-fry the sliced onions, carrots and large onions in a pan until fragrant.
(2) Put the beef, potatoes and shimeji in a pan and fry lightly.
Put the sake, mirin and water in a pan, then put the slightly several pieces, kelp(3 pieces), and shiurayaki (cut to a suitable length with scissors).
When it boils, put the soy sauce and sugar in a pan.
(5) Remove the ash juice floating in the pan.
When the ash is finished, cover the lid.
After more than 15 minutes, the water has run out and the potatoes and carrots are boiled.

Meat Potato

Meat Potato

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